When Did The Seattle City Council Become A Group Of Mob Bosses?

By Jackson Sager

Isn’t it amazing that charging people and businesses more to exist makes them want to leave? Who woulda thunk?

Today, Seattle rolled back their head tax that would have charged Amazon, a company that employs 45,000 in the Emerald City, and other large businesses roughly $275 per employee per year. Just so that our concrete camper friendsĀ (like homeless, but with crap “donated” from REI) could have a rainy day fund for all of their needs. And while a lot of my liberal friends are decrying wealthy Amazon and Starbucks for pushing back, maybe they’re forgetting about the workers. Average, ordinary, hard working blue collar workers were going to lose out because of the new tax. Seattle’s big businesses did what you should do every time you’re debating the cost of a new car at a dealership, walk away.

Amazon began shutting down work on new office space and stopped projects that could have meant 7,000 new jobs in Seattle. Guess what, the workers building Amazon’s new offices weren’t getting to go to work. And if you know anything about union wages, I’d assume they were losing a bundle of money. And the Seattle city council, which says they support the little guy, or cisgendered person, got an earful from the union workers who probably voted for them.

According to The Hill: “A study commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce, however, found the tax would have cost Seattle about 14,300 jobs and $3.5 billion in economic output. The council expected the head tax to raise $47 million in revenue.”

Well, that’s a little bit awkward. So it costs jobs, it costs money for the city, and isn’t all that popular with the little guy? Yeah, it might be a good idea to scrap that one. I’m not entirely sure what dystopian world some people live in. It’s like getting into a fight and expecting your opponent to stand still while you punch them. Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and others fight back when you want to stifleĀ their business. And workers get angry when you want to “TAKE DER JOBS”. Look up “South Park” if you don’t get the last reference.

“If you do too much business in our city, we’ll make you pay!” Maybe cities like San Francisco, New York, and Austin will learn a lesson from Seattle.



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