Wasn’t Legal Weed Supposed to End Drug-Related Crimes?

By Lars Larson

When Oregon and Washington debated the legalization of pot just a few years ago, one of the main arguments in favor went this way: make it legal and a lot of the illegal activity will go away and the cops can spend their time on something more important.

Fast forward to last Monday night when two juveniles and two adults decided they wanted a baggie of pot obtained with a 9mm discount.

Those involved have told police they met up with pot dealer Alexander Brodigan. They tried to take the bag of pot from him and when he wouldn’t give it up, they fired a bullet into Brodigan’s brain.

The fact is legalization hasn’t erased the illegal pot business…it’s made Oregon and Washington a hotbed of legal export of pot to the rest of America.

And the few dollars the states make from pot taxes will mostly be soaked up by the increased cost of enforcement…not to mention the extraordinary cost of a brand new dad like Brodigan who apparently died while dealing bud to teenagers.


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