Trump Pulls 76% of the Vote in Washington

Donald Trump

America’s next President, Donald Trump, did very well in Oregon’s primary election a week ago.  He did even better in last night’s Washington primary results last night, pulling in 76% of the vote.   

Bernie Sanders meanwhile, continues to win contest after contest around the country, but because of so called superdelegates only used by the Democrat Party, Hillary will get the nomination for president. If you want to know how crazy the Jackass Party is, 54% of the voters cast ballots for Hillary yesterday but Sanders will get the vast majority of Washington state delegates, and he’ll still lose.  You need a Ouija Board to track how democrats make decisions.

Meanwhile, Trump showed up in New Mexico for a rally last night and so did protesters.  Some of these self described “peace” protesters told reporters they were there to counter Trump’s “hate” by throwing burning objects, rocks and bottles at police. 

Here’s Trump’s response to a few of the protesters that attended the rally:





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