My Thoughts on Last Night’s Debate

trump clinton

By Lars Larson

I loved watching last night’s debate despite the fact that the candidate I’ve endorsed missed some great opportunities.

Just remember that the match was two on one…Moderator Lester Holt and Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. Holt demanded six followup questions of Trump…not a single followup to Clinton.

But I fully expect the mainstream media to put its thumb on the scale in this year’s election…they will carry water for the Crook from Chappaqua all the way to November 8th.

Holt brought up the so called birther issue and police stop n frisk procedures. He failed to bring up the secret email server, classified information put at risk by Clinton and Hillary’s lies about Benghazi.

Holt let Clinton get away with a real whopper…when she claimed that the murder rate is down in New York City when in fact, murders are up dramatically in the Big Apple…and violent crime is up across the country.

Trump stumbled on some of his answers and missed opportunities to put Hillary on the spot. Hillary stumbled when she tried to explain her flip flop on the Transpacific partnership.

But he showed Americans that he can be Presidential…and at the end of the day that’s a big opportunity for Americans who start really paying attention to the Presidential race only after Labor Day.



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