Thanks For Flaking Out

Thanks for giving in to the Democrats, Senator Jeff Flake. You’ve shown exactly why so many people chose to vote for President Donald Trump.

If you haven’t heard, another RINO has announced they won’t run for reelection. We’ll have another insufferable year with Senator Flake and then he will be gone. I’d argue that he gave up his post as a Senator because he realizes America has changed. We don’t want RINO’s anymore and that he will be a part of the swamp draining that is ongoing.

But today, Flake showed that Democrats and Republicans, at least in the pre-Trump era were big fans of looking out for each other and not the American people. He gave in and sold out 100% with his attack on the President today.

I have my problems with President Trump, and I don’t think Americans should stand by the President 100%. We saw how well that worked out for Obama. However, there is something to be said for looking out for your constituents and the American people. I’d venture to guess that Flake got so out of touch that he forget who he was in Washington for.

Washington doesn’t realize it yet but we’re going to keep draining the swamp even after Trump is gone from the office. It may be three years, or it may be seven but these changes aren’t going to stop. And Senators like Flake are just the tip of the iceberg.


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