A Tale of Two Rallies

By Lars Larson

I watched all the TV coverage of the protest rallies in downtown Portland yesterday.

Hundreds of people gathered in Terry Schrunk Plaza for a pro-free speech, pro Donald Trump event. It went peacefully with no arrests, no tear gas, no criminal behavior. That’s the one the Mayor Ted Wheeler tried to shut down.

The plaza was ringed by three protests against free speech and against the President. Some of those folks brought weapons and one had a bag of highway flares: That’s where the 14 arrests happened. That’s where bricks were thrown at cops. That one was declared illegal and protesters forced police to use tear gas and riot control tactics.

Some of the group relocated and blocked streets downtown and confronted police. I heard more F bombs live on local TV than my son heard in basic training. And these are the hooligans the Mayor didn’t try to shut down.

Ted, I think you tried to quash the wrong group’s civil rights.



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