Riots in Charlottesville

Let’s talk about Charlottesville. James Alex Fields murdered a woman with his car and hurt dozens more. Thankfully Virginia has the death penalty and I can’t imagine someone who needs the needle more than fields. The views and behavior of white supremacists who came to the hometown of Jefferson and Madison are disgusting, just like the views of like supremacists like Black Lives Matter. President Trump condemned both in his first statement on the murderous acts of fields. I agree with him but the media decided that wasn’t good enough. So on Monday he specifically condemned the white supremacists specifically. Remember when black racism brought about the assassination of five cops in Dallas? Remember when President Obama condemned that? Oh, that’s right, he didn’t. Reporters and pundits never demanded it. Like I said, without double standards, America’s left, WOULD HAVE NO STANDARDS AT ALL.

Listen to part of President Trump’s press conference today addressing the protests over the weekend:

Lars talked with Joe Thomas a Program Director and morning show host in Charlottesville, Virgina

Along with Joe’s interview, we had some naysayers give us their reactions to what happened over the weekend.



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