The Reality of This Fall’s Election

Hillary Clinton

By Lars Larson

The reality of this fall’s election is that a lot of people will vote for the Democrat Party nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton promises more of the same tax and regulation and growth policies of President Obama.

Today, we learned that the economy produced 151-thousand new jobs last month, barely more than we need to add every month just to provide jobs for new high school and college graduates. The Unemployment rate didn’t budge. The workforce participation rate didn’t budge. It remains in numbers America hasn’t seen since the 1970s.

Today, the Average American family gets by on 53-thousand bucks a year, a thousand bucks less than that family had when Obama took office…they’re sliding backward and apparently Hillary thinks that’s just fine. Two days ago, Clinton bragged that the world’s economy had been saved “by the sacrifice of Americans”.

Is that what you’re voting for?

A democrat who practically bragged that she was “dead broke” when she and Bill left the white house, who has somehow acquired personal net worth north of 100-million dollars in the last 15 years. A candidate who’s apparently satisfied to let let Americans sacrifice economically for the good of the other 7 billion people on earth?

Personally, I favor the candidate who took a small amount of wealth left him by his father and turned it into billions…who promises to put the interests of America and Americans first…before anything else.


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