The Real Green Behind Green Energy

By Lars Larson

We hear a lot about “green” energy these days and you might think that’s related to good for the environment.

But I’ve noticed that green energy usually means “green” in people’s pockets and, in some cases, graft and corruption.

Take for example the guilty plea yesterday of Joe Colello, who took almost 300-thousand dollars of the taxpayer’s money in illegal kickbacks.

This includes a Seattle energy consultant, Martin Shain, who’s been indicted for forgery that made the tax credit scam possible. None of this would happen if government stayed out of energy schemes like Solyndra, and Solarworld and tax credits and so called “incentives” to produce energy using methods that don’t pencil out in real world dollars.

If the energy deal is all private, you don’t have to worry about someone paying too much for oil, gas or coal…because in the real world, you make decisions based on dollars and cents…not based on whether the thing you’re selling in politically in vogue.

But when Uncle Sugar promises tax credits for magic beans and unicorn horns, you should fully expect that someone will figure out how to scam the system.


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