Portland Parade Cancelled Over Threats of Violent Protests

By Lars Larson

Everyone loves a parade, right?

Apparently Anarchists and Hater’s don’t. For the past decade, the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade has kicked off the city of Portland’s signature event: The Rose Festival.

Like Seattle’s Bumbershoot and Spokane’s Lilac festival, and Eugene’s…well, I suppose its the Oregon Country Fair. In any case, every city has some kind of event where the whole community get’s together.

But in these Days of Donald Trump it seems that’s not allowed. You see, the supposedly anti fascist group “Antifa” has threatened to use fascist tactics to attack the Avenue of Roses Parade. Specifically, the group warns that hundreds of its members will attack Trump supporters and members of the Republican Party if they take part in the March.

The business association which sponsors the parade took the threat seriously enough that they have cancelled the whole event this coming Saturday. I certainly understand the concern for lives and safety, but caving in to a terrorist threat isn’t the way to make it go away. I propose the parade go on as planned, and the Portland Police Bureau does its job…show up with plenty of zip-cuffs and pepper spray and a dozen city buses and bust anyone who tries to bust up the parade.

Then throw the book at those who conspired to do it. If you’re inclined to the “cave in” approach…what happens when this group or others threaten another event…and with this kind of reaction, they will. If you don’t see the pattern that’s developing, let me connect the dots for you.

A police officer justifiably shoots someone in the line of duty…and a mob gathers to demand he be lynched. Conservative speakers show up on college campuses to speak…and a mob destroys their Constitutional right of free speech while the college administration orders police to do nothing.

City Council meetings turn into donnybrooks where no one can speak and decisions can’t happen. America under the rule of the Mob isn’t America.

Cancelling a parade isn’t the end of the world…but it is the start of a very, very slippery slope.



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