Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Tries to Shut Down an Upcoming Free Speech Rally

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

By Lars Larson

The British would send Colonial Americans to prison for saying things the crown disapproved of. When our Founders declared their independence, James Madison wrote the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing that Government was forbidden to stop free speech unless it put lives in danger.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler doesn’t understand that, so he tried to shut down an upcoming free speech rally. When I talked with two law school professors, they were unequivocal…Wheeler’s wrong. His outrageous contravention of civil rights has now drawn national attention…and it’s not positive.

For a politician with Ivy League credentials from a region that prides itself on “public involvement” to start issuing edicts against free speech is crazy.

Mayor Ted Wheeler needs to immediately recant his position and show that civil rights extend even to the folks Wheeler disagrees with.


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