The Poisonous Skittles Metaphor

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a Skittles metaphor about Syrian Refugees

By Lars Larson

Two terrorists struck America in five places in three different states this past weekend.

You’d think that would force America to wake up to the very real threat posed by our lax immigration laws. You see both of the terrorists were immigrants to the United States.

Just in the past few years, dozens of refugees and immigrants have committed acts of terrorism against this country. They’ve been charged and convicted.

Yet our country continues to bring tens of thousands of people here from countries thick with terrorist groups.

Yes, the terrorists are a tiny fraction of the total number of immigrants.  The head of the FBI admits we have no way to vet those coming in.

Donald Trump Junior shocked the liberal nitwits of news this week with a metaphor a lot of us have been using for a while. If someone gives you a bowlful of skittles, and only three of them contain a deadly poison, would you eat a single piece of candy?


Hillary Clinton says she plans to bring hundreds of thousands of potential poison pills into America if she becomes President.

Donald Trump wants to stop that.


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