Pittsburgh Over Paris

By Lars Larson

Well, it’s been nice knowing you folks.

I hear this morning that the world as we know it is coming to an end because Donald Sr. ignored Ivanka and is pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord.

You know, the one that’s not binding on any of its signatories.

The one that lets China and India keep building coal fired power plants for a decade to expand their economies while Americans get pink slips and food stamps. Yep, that one.

The one that makes Elon Musk grab his ball and go home and sulk.

America will just have to become a climate criminal.

And if you see that as overstatement, Nancy Pelosi literally says the President dishonors God by his actions and wonders out loud if little Barron Trump will be breathing in a few years.

Of course, if all this “shut down all fossil fuels” medicine is good for America, why isn’t it good for all the European nitwits complaining about the President choosing Pittsburgh over Paris.

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