A Pin to the Balloon of Obama’s Ego

Obama Hillary
Obama Campaigns for Hillary

By Lars Larson

President Obama has hit the campaign trail for Hillary and he’s trying to take a victory lap on the new numbers showing the average family income is growing, at long last.

Let me apply a little historical context of a pin to the balloon of Barry’s ego. The average family made just over 57 thousand dollars a year in 2008 when the recession began. The recession ended in June of 2009. According to President Obama, we’ve been in recovery for the past 7 years.

So today, he’s taking a victory lap over the fact that some quick growth in the past year has put the average American family just over 56 thousand dollars…only about a thousand dollars a year short of where they were all those years ago. And try telling that family that they should be celebrating and throwing hosannas to President Obama for 7 years in which they actually slid backward economically.

That’s because Obama is the only American President in history to go his entire term in office without having one single year of GDP growth north of 3 percent.

We’ve been dragging the bottom at about 2 percent growth for the past seven years, and now we’re likely to finish out the final year of Obama with a number below 2. No wonder President Bill Clinton, on the campaign trail for his wife, talked about the “awful legacy of the last 7 years”.

The only mystery is…Hillary promises more of the same economic policies as Obama…only with trillions in new taxes on the rich AND THE MIDDLE CLASS.

Does anyone want eight years of an ailing, corrupt politician like the crook from Chappaqua, delivering the same policies that have left Americans a thousand dollars a year short of the wages they enjoyed seven years ago?

Meanwhile, Bill & Hill and Barack & Michelle will enjoy their private jets, golf games and counting the tens of millions of dollars they will have in the bank.

It’s no wonder the polls show Donald Trump with a growing lead, over “Illery”.



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