Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley Endorses Bernie Sandors

Every politician I’ve ever met has a story about parents who worked hard, practiced thrift and sacrificed for their kids. U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley has that story. Now he’s become the first and only member of the Senate to endorse the Socialist Senator from Vermont, for President. That’s too funny for words, but I’ll try.

Merkley pretends to serve a state where a man sold shoes from the trunk of his car, a woman took over a nearly bankrupt company after her husband dropped dead, and two guys perfected oscilloscopes in a garage. Nike, Columbia Sportswear and Tektronix didn’t ask for help from the government. Phil, and Gert and Howard built that. But Merkley has harsh words for those rich Oregonians…

Our economy has become rigged to make a fortunate few very well off while leaving most Americans struggling.

I can’t use barnyard epithets on the radio so let’s just say the Senator is full of Bernie Sanders, the man he’s endorsing. Like every other con man before him, Sanders promises $30,000 a year for every worker – regardless of skills, free college, free healthcare, paid family leave and bigger social security checks.

I can promise you if Merkley’s man gets to the white house, the 10-trillion Obama has added to America’s debt will look like chump change.



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