Oregon Politicians Caught Blazing the Oregon Trail of Corruption

By Lars Larson

Accusations of criminal corruption cost Oregon it’s Governor two years ago, when Democrat John Kitzhaber stepped down after his girlfriend turned the office into a cash machine. Democrat Kate Brown replaced Kitzhaber and promised new transparency. But since she took office she fought every effort to make cheating harder.

Now we may know why.

Forbes magazine published an investigative piece that documents hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Brown and Democrat Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum from companies that hold literally billions of dollars in state contracts.

Federal laws passed in the 40’s make this kind of graft illegal, and many states forbid public office holders from taking donations from those who do business with the government.

Now, Brown wants Oregonians to increase their taxes by billions pleading that the state is broke. Brown’s already been caught putting people on her staff who have state contracts.

At this point, it seems Oregon only traded in its Kitzhaber corruption for Katie corruption: time for another public pink slip.

Today, I spoke with Forbes contributor and founder of openthebooks.com  Adam Andrzejewski, who wrote the investigative piece for Forbes. Listen to our conversation below.



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