Obama’s Apology Tour on Hiatus in Hiroshima

Barack Obama File Photo

By Lars Larson

President Obama likes apologies.  His book, “Dreams from My Father,” indicted America for being a colonial oppressor before Obama even got to the Senate.

 After he became President, he apologized for everything.  Obama apologized to Europe “for our arrogance.” He apologized to the Muslim world for our imperfections. He apologized for the war on terror, for Gitmo and for the CIA.  

Today Obama is in Hiroshima and I’m sure he would have apologized there if he didn’t know that it would set off a firestorm back at home. Instead, he offered that the destruction of the two Japanese cities 71 years ago should be “the start of our own moral awakening.” No mention that the bombs saved more than a million lives on both sides of World War II.  No mention that the bombs were necessary because Japan started the war and refused to end it.  Just Barack Obama, wishing for a world without nuclear weapons, even as he helps a fanatic nation like Iran on its path to nukes.

Obama wishes for the United States to give up the weapons that have protected our country for the past half century. January 20th can’t come soon enough.



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