Obama did nothing when it came to Syria. What will Trump do? An interview with Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

(Daily Caller) Donald Trump rebuked Bashar al-Assad and said the chemical attack in Syria that left dozens dead crossed “many, many lines.” The president said his attitude toward the country has “changed very much” during a press conference with King Abulldah of Jordan in the Rose Garden at the White House Wednesday. “A chemical attack that was so horrific in Syria against innocent people, including women, small children and even beautiful little babies — their death was an affront to humanity,” Trump said. “These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated. The U.S. stands with our allies to condemn this horrific attack and all other horrific attacks for that matter.” “I think the Obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago,” Trump said. What is the Trump plan to solve the crisis in Syria following this horrific chemical attack? Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump joined Lars to discuss what can be done. 



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