A New Ruling Shows Conservatives Are Still At Risk!


The Justice Department showed serious bias last week. Their ruling could impact how conservative groups are targeted by the Federal government.

The DOJ announced that prosecutors will not pursue charges against Lois Lerner. Lerner, a former IRS official, is known for her alleged deliberate targeting of Tea Party groups between 2010 and 2012. A case against her was closed without charges under the Obama administration just a few years ago. 

But the investigation won’t be reopened, and it looks like Lerner will get off scott-free. The latest ruling out of D.C. highlights the clear bias Washington elites have against the average American, and for their fellow bureaucrats.  Some Republicans on Capitol Hill were outraged by the decision including Congressman Kevin Brady of Texas and Peter Roskim of Illinois. Unfortunately, it won’t change how the DOJ ruled. 

Should Lerner have been prosecuted? Or do you think the right decision was made?


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