A Mixed Bag of Oregon’s Election Results

Oregon's state seal
Official seal of the state of Oregon

By Lars Larson

I don’t usually don’t find a lot to like in Oregon’s election results.  Oregon reliably elects liberal politicians who damage the state and then the voters choose new liberals.  This year might be different.

A sensible conservative, Dr Bud Pierce, handily won the GOP nomination for Governor and he will give the corruption candidate, Kate Brown, a run for her money this fall.  

Portland rejected the “keep Portland weird” crowd of candidates and chose Ted Wheeler, a democrat, but a sensible leader.  

The state handed a huge two thirds victory to my choice, Donald Trump, for President while the democrat party chose the Commie from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, who is guaranteed not to even get the nomination.

Dennis Richardson is a strong candidate to become Secretary of State but we’ll have to see what he brings to the race against Brad Avakian.

Then there’s the bad news.  Cascade locks said no to $50 million in private investment and jobs from Nestle.  Portland said yes to a $60 million gasoline tax.  

A mixed bag to be sure, but at least there’s some indication that voters want to try something new, and leave insanity behind.



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