Make Way for Donald Trump

Last summer, all the smart money in politics said that it would be a professional politician who would become the republican standard bearer.  They said that a successful businessman could not win the nomination for President,  that it would be a Governor, or a Senator who got the vote this summer.  

Last night, the contest ended in Indiana with the departure of Texas Senator Ted Cruz and in a few hours, the swan song of Governor John Kasich, who both drop out within 24 hours of one another after a disastrous showing in the state of Indiana.

Oregon and Washington primaries must still be held, but on the republican side.  On the democrat side, Bernie Sanders is still beleaguering the campaign of Hillary Clinton. News is breaking today that Hillary clinton may be ordered by a federal judge to testify under oath about her email server scandal. The proof seems self evident that the former Secretary of state exposed secret government information to hackers and foreign governments by the use of a computer hidden at her husband’s home in New York,  or the one hidden in the bathroom closet of a Denver condo.  

Either way, Hillary’s chances of getting and keeping the Democrat Party Nomination for President seem very much up in the air at this point. I still hold out hope that this corrupt, self serving former first lady ends up in an orange jail jumpsuit and under indictment for her many crimes

Make way for Donald Trump.


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