The Lars Larson Show – Live at The Hoover Institution

Last week Lars Larson took the show south to the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, where he broadcast the show for a week. Here are some of the best interviews from that incredible week.

04/24/17 How do the US military conflicts of the past provide an example of new conflicts like Syria or NKorea?    Victor Davis Hanson is the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution; his focus is classics and military history. Hanson is the author of hundreds of articles, book reviews, and newspaper editorials on Greek, agrarian, and military history and essays on contemporary culture.

Victor Davis Hanson

04/24/17 Is America in danger of going from A City on a Hill to a Fortress in a Moat? Abbas Milani is the co-director of the Iran Democracy Project at the Hoover Institution, Director of Iranian Studies at Stanford University, Research Fellow at Hoover Institution, author of “The Shah”

Abbas Milani

04/24/17  Michael McConnell – Richard and Frances Mallery Professor and Director of the Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School, and Senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Micheal talked to Lars about his experience serving under Judge Neil Gorsuch. 

04/24/17 Does the protectionist BAT Tax go against free market principles? Russ Roberts, Hoover Research Fellow, Professor of Economics at George Mason University, host of the weekly podcast series, EconTalk, author several books most recently: “How Adam Smith Can Change Your Life: An Unexpected Guide to Human Nature and Happiness”

04/25/17 Is America seeing a rise of independents? Carl Cannon, Washington Bureau Chief of RealClearPolitics and Executive Editor of RealClear Media Group spoke to Lars about the rise of independents. 

Carl Cannon

04/25/17 How are terrorists using the Dark Web to hide? Dr. Herb Lin is a Senior Research Scholar for Cyber Policy and Security, Hank J. Holland Fellow in Cyber Policy and Security at the Hoover Institution. He joined Lars to discuss cyber terrorism. 

Dr. Herb Lin

04/25/17 Should President Trump scrap the USDA’s organic program? Dr. Henry Miller is a Robert Wesson Fellow in Scientific Philosophy & Public Policy for the Hoover Institution and regular contributor to Forbes. He joined Lars to talk organic. 

Dr. Henry Miller

04/25/17 What kind of global order is unfolding and what is America’s role in it? Dr. Thomas Henriksen is an Emeritus Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and author most recently of “Cycles in U.S. Foreign Policy since the Cold War.” He joined Lars to talk post-cold war order and what it means for the United States. 

Thomas Henriksen

4/26/17 How can the GOP nudge the uninsured toward coverage? Lanhee Chen PhD is Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, member of the Social Security Advisory Board, contributor to The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, and Bloomberg View, and CNN Political Commentator and joined Lars to talk healthcare reform.

Lanhee Chen

4/27/17 What do the democrats stand for in a post-Clinton world? Bill Whalen, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, columnist for the Sacramento Bee and writes on politics and current events for joined Lars to discuss. His commentary can also be seen on the opinion pages of the Wall Street Journal, Real Clear Politics, Los Angeles Times and Fox News.

Bill Whalen

4/27/17 What does Trump’s energy and climate orders do…and don’t do? Lars was joined by Jeremy Carl, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, contributor for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, National Review, Politico,the Economist and author or editor of several books, including “Powering the Armed Forces”, and “Assessing the Role of Distributed Power Systems in the US Power Sector”.

4/27/17 Is Interior Secretary Zinke doing a good job of transferring federal lands back to the state? Lars spoke to Terry Anderson PhD,  Senior fellow at Hoover Institution, one of the founders of “free market environmentalism”, author or editor of 36 books including, “Unlocking the Wealth of Indian Nations”, contributor to Wall Street Journal.

4/28/17 Is a progressive value added tax a bright idea or a lunatic one? Lars talks taxes with John Cochrane, a senior fellow at Hoover Institution, research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and an adjunct scholar of the CATO Institute, contributor to Wall Street Journal,, and maintains the Grumpy Economist blog, author of “Asset Pricing” – Live at Hoover.

John Cochrane

4/28/17 Despite the critics, isn’t Trump doing what he said in his first 100 days? Lars spoke with David Davenport, a research fellow in Hoover, columnist for, coauthored two books w/colleague Gordon Lloyd, most recently “Rugged Individualism: Dead or Alive?”



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