Liberals Are DREAMing That Republicans Will Provide Amnesty

By Jackson Sager

Republicans have ICE in their veins.

I’ve heard quite a bit from the liberal pundits lately claiming that Republicans need to pave a path for recipients of DACA to get citizenship. Why? Because they say it will help Republicans in the midterm elections. Uh, what?

I guess the liberals think that a lot of whining, crying, and what they consider “reason” will convince some of the softer conservatives to align with them on DACA. But I’ve got to be honest with you, I think it’s one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard.

A lot of the liberal commentators writing that the GOP needs to align with illegal aliens and give them a pathway to citizenship are convinced they can trick Republicans into thinking they’re going to get the votes from those DREAMers. Anybody can clearly see that simply doesn’t make sense. Even if the GOP was to get behind DREAMers, I don’t think they’re going to return the favor by marking next to the candidate with the (R) next to their name. In what reality do you think Republicans would even get 10% of that DREAMer vote?

The lefties are just looking to chalk up some more votes for themselves. Sorry DREAMers, the Dems don’t love you, they love your votes. Heck, you might have been able to put them over the top in 2016! And they missed out. Now they’re looking for people to cast the votes that American citizens just don’t want to!

And look, not only will Republicans not get those votes, if they voted for amnesty for these DREAMers, watch the GOP base fade away. I’m not unaware that the GOP/Republican/Trump base is already somewhat fragile. And not because of the President, but because of the broken promises fed to us by RINO’s for the past 8 years. So what Republicans would pick up in DACA votes, they’d lose more in the votes from their base. I’ll insert the Wayne’s World tagline here – “Are you mental?”

If you want to go on and on about how important DREAMers are to our society, go ahead. But don’t assume that Republicans, other than the RINO’s, are stupid enough to alienate their whole base and fall for some narrative that it’ll make the illegal aliens suddenly cozy up to the conservatives.

In the meantime, I’ll kindly thank the Dems for their advice, and trust that the midterm results will be based on something other than 700,000 illegal aliens.


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