Let’s Wave Goodbye To The RINO’s

By Jackson Sager

I’m not a fan of the establishment. The establishment right, the establishment left, it’s all the same as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I’m excited to see a little shakeup in Alabama’s Senate primary race.

Roy Moore defeated Senator Luther Strange on Tuesday in the closely watched special election. Even though Strange had the full support of people like Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the RINO’s, Moore still pulled off the victory. 

I see a lot of media outlets saying these days that Republicans have a lot to worry about, that in 2018 they could be wiped out. But if any Republicans should be worried, they should only be worried if they don’t hold real Conservative values. The American people voted in 2016 that they were done with the Democrats and done with the establishment. I think that trend will continue 2018.

But now it will be the RINO’s who could be losing out, thanks to you and your real conservative values.



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