Let’s Put Out These Fires! Sign The Petition.

Wildfires in Oregon and Washington are burning out of control. Governor Kate Brown seems to be ignoring one of the most vital tools that could be used to stop the fires. It’s known as the 747 Global SuperTanker.

But other officials also seem disinterested in using the plane. The US Forest Service has refused to use the SuperTanker based on contract disputes. At this point, some 20 fires are burning. The loss of property, and potentially life, will continue if we don’t make a change.

A petition on change.org¬†was created “to demand the forest service re-evaluate their position on the global supertanker, and utilize this powerful tool to help control the fire situation in the Western U.S., and encourage Governor Brown to work with the Forest Service to give our firefighters the tools they deserve when conditions allow!”

Sign the petition¬†here, and help Oregonians get the governor’s attention!


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