Lars Thoughts – Why Do Liberals Have Such A Serious Problem Naming Jerusalem Israel’s Capital?

By Lars Larson

The Capital of Israel is Jerusalem, a city with huge significance to Christians, Jews and Muslims.  

The problem is, Muslims in the countries around Israel refuse to accept that the Jews have a right to live. The Palestinians in particular have promised to “drive the Jews into the sea”. For almost a quarter of a century, our country has had a law on the books to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. Bill Clinton signed that law when he wasn’t otherwise occupied. But no American President has had the guts to actually move the embassy and provide a tangible endorsement that we know the location of capital of our best middle east ally.  

The U.S. has tried to play the role of independent third party but failing to do this endorses the Palestinian side of the argument. The Palestinians who reward the families of terrorists, the Palestinians who have walked away from dozens of offers of an independent state of their own, the Palestinians who think the only good Jew is a dead Jew?

Today, President Donald Trump announces the u.s. position, Jerusalem is the capital and the Jews have a right to live.



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