Lars Thoughts – Will The Feds Be Allowed To Enforce Laws In Portland?

By Lars Larson

Why would one northwest city demand that the federal government take over control of its police department, and then staunchly refuse to have anything to do with enforcing federal laws?  You’d have to ask Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler who takes both positions in a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  

I’d ask Wheeler but he hasn’t agreed to an on the record interview in months.  In the letter Wheeler says “Portland is a thriving city because we have a diverse population” which is liberal code for “illegal aliens make the place more interesting.” The Mayor then says he “strongly opposes” efforts to force local law enforcement to enforce federal laws, which sounds a bit crazy if you ask me.  You don’t want cops to enforce the law? Hmmm.  

Then Wheeler brings up the consent decree, in which Portland voluntarily gave over control of its police department to federal bureaucrats years ago.  Having just told Sessions he won’t let the feds tell his cops what to do, he practically begs to have the feds keep telling his cops how to go about their daily duties, as long as that doesn’t include apprehending criminal illegal aliens.

Go figure.



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