Lars Thoughts: Who’s Worse…Facebook or the Government?

By Lars Larson 

I’m not nearly as worried about Facebook taking my data as I am about our government.

Over just the last few years we’ve seen how much power the so-called public servants have over our lives.

Yesterday, the FBI staged a raid on the law office, homes and hotel room of the President’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The Constitution protects your God-given rights…in theory…including the right to expect that your lawyer will keep anything you tell him confidentially. Even a top-notch liberal lawyer like Harvard’s Alan Dershowitz thinks the FBI overstepped its authority. Add this to the list that now includes weaponizing of the IRS, the National Security Agency, the DOJ and even the EPA.

Today on Capitol Hill, lawmakers, most of whom have taken campaign contributions from Facebook will make a show of questioning Jeff Zuckerberg about how he will protect the privacy of those who voluntarily use his services.

What they should be questioning is how much of our privacy can be seized by government agencies who operate without much oversight and allegedly under the color of law.



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