Lars Thoughts – Welcome To The Slippery Slope Of More Taxes, Oregon

By Lars Larson

Voters cast their ballots yesterday and they voted for higher taxes, one third of a billion dollars for starters. Expect state lawmakers to take that message as a “yes” on all of the other taxes and fees they have in mind. And believe me, they have plenty of new taxes in mind.

And I figure this will also push them to approve the tolls they’re talking about on the two interstate bridges, as well as crazy “congestion pricing”. ODOT has plenty of new warm and fuzzy names for this, but at the end of the day it adds up to “price the poor people off the public roads”. Frankly, these policies benefit folks like me who can afford the toll, but I hate these things with a passion.

Everyone who buys gasoline or diesel has paid for those roads and highways, and we shouldn’t let our government masters tell us that we can’t drive on them. But remember, your fellow voters just told Salem yes on a big one, and they’ll take that one to the bank.    


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