Lars Thoughts – The War On Cars Continues In Portland

By Lars Larson

The War on Cars at Portland city hall has a new weapon called “congestion pricing”. For decades, the anti-automobile folks who populate the city council have counted on horrible traffic to drive you out of your car and onto transit.  

The metro area hasn’t built a new freeway in 30 years and now Rose City commuters spend 77 hours a year stuck in traffic, tenth worst in America and tied with Washington DC which has three times the population. Yet during the past 30 years the per capita use of transit has dropped, because people love their cars. So now the city council plans to deploy a new weapon. If you drive during rush hour, you’ll have to pay a fee for that privilege.  

How much?  

Well, suffice to say the council plans a fee high enough that it drives enough traffic off local roads to relieve congestion. If you make enough money you can still use the roads at rush hour, if you don’t, then either get on the bus or tell your boss you can’t get there in time for work. The elites at city hall don’t care about abusing car drivers because we pay for the cars and the drivers who ferry them around.  


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