Lars Thoughts – Want To Save Money? End The Johnson War On Poverty

By Lars Larson

President Lyndon Baines Johnson declared war on poverty 54 years ago today.  

That let our federal government spend more than 22 trillion dollars over the past half century. Today we have an amazing opportunity. We can cut back on welfare, save American taxpayers a bundle, and give an incentive to get workers back on the job.  

You see, while unemployment has dropped to record lows, tens of millions of Americans aren’t even looking for work. Here’s a way to change that. Food stamps and welfare and subsidized housing and medicaid go to tens of millions of Americans. Most are of working age, able bodied and sound of mind, so they should get back on the job.  

But if not working pays the equivalent of 15 bucks an hour its going to be hard to get folks back to work. If we don’t make changes, in the next 50 years we’ll spend 50 trillion.

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