Lars Thoughts – Unions Say A Lot But Do Little

By Lars Larson

As a talk show host I love labor unions. They do the craziest things and that usually makes my research very easy.

Let me offer two examples. In Washington DC, the Supreme Court has taken up the question of whether Americans should be FORCED to pay union dues. The unions argue they’ll take a hit if they can’t force people to join their little workplace extortion clubs. What a ringing endorsement of forced unionism.

Meanwhile, in Spokane a community rocked by a deadly school shooting just a few weeks ago school resource officers want to carry guns. A report five years ago recommended arming school officers, but the labor union which represents those officers says it’s a matter of collective bargaining. So, get this, even though they think the officers should have guns to protect themselves and the children, the union says they can’t even TALK about it till union negotiations begin two years from now.

If you’re the parent of a student in school, are you willing to wait?


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