Lars Thoughts – Think Hollywood Is Bad? Check Your Own Backyard

By Lars Larson

Hollywood is absolutely right to be ashamed of the way that dozens if not hundreds of people kept Harvey Weinstein’s dirty secrets for so long. But maybe we should check our own backyard.

A court just found an Oregon city substitute teacher guilty of sexually abusing six little girls and Portland Public schools knew all about him. PPS says Norman Scott “retired” from the district 5 years ago, but put scare quotes around “retired”.

You see, documents unveiled in court show the district agreed to limit what it could say to potential employers about why Scott “retired,” and Scott agreed to keep quiet too.  The documents show Scott was sent down the road after taking an unauthorized field trip, making calls to students, and giving notes to students of a romantic nature. He denied inappropriate contact, and kept his teachers license.

This week he was found guilty of third degree sexual abuse with 12 year old students he was teaching in Oregon city. If you’re amazed such secrets stay secret in the cesspool of Hollywood, imagine such secrets at your local neighborhood school.


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