Lars Thoughts: The White House Correspondents Dinner Ended the #MeToo Movement

By Lars Larson

I think the “me too” movement died Saturday night.

Its proponents were right to fault the treatment of women in America. But Saturday night some of the movement’s most prominent mouthpieces…hosted a comedian, a woman, who turned that message on its head.

Now, I’ve laughed at jokes about George W and other Republicans. But the White House Correspondents Association invited Michelle Wolfe to entertain their crowd. She didn’t.

We let comedians get away with a lot if they’re funny. She wasn’t.

We expected her to tear into President Donald Trump. But she launched some of her most vicious attacks on women…on Sarah Sanders, the President’s spokeswoman and Kellyanne Conway, the President’s counsel…and she went after them based on their looks.

Like I said…rest in peace “me too” movement. A comedienne who ridicules another woman for her eye makeup…BECAUSE of the man she works for. A funny woman who wishes for another woman to be crushed by a tree that falls in the forest.

I watched half of it…until I finally concluded that if it wasn’t funny by that point it wasn’t likely to ever.

And then I realized…it didn’t have to be funny. For the folks who cover the White House, as long as it bashed Trump and any of the women connected to him…it didn’t have to be funny.

Some folks walked out…but most of them stayed. Because I guess for the folks who cover the White House, bashing women isn’t a sin if the attacks are aimed at President Trump.



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