Lars Thoughts: The Hart Family Deaths are Sounding A Lot Like Murder

By Lars Larson

It’s beginning to sound a lot like murder.

I’m talking about the Hart family and the six children who appear to have been murdered by either or both Jennifer and Sarah Hart. The two married women adopted half a dozen kids.

At least one of the children, Devonte, became know around America after a picture of him hugging a cop at an anti-cop Ferguson rally went viral. He’s also the child that neighbors say would come and visit daily complaining that the women weren’t feeding the children.

Washington Child Protective services came to investigate the family days before the children died. But the women packed up the kids and left town.

Three days later, their SUV went over a cliff and all died. Police say the SUV’s black box shows the vehicle was doing 90 miles an hour and accelerating when it reached the cliff edge. We should find out what Washington CPS knew and whether they could have done more…like an Amber alert.

Since the family lived in Oregon four years ago, it’s also worth asking what Oregon child welfare officials knew.



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