Lars Thoughts – Teach Kids Gun Safety!

By Lars Larson

At about this point in the day I usually gripe about something that needs to be changed. Let me instead offer a life saving solution that won’t cost a dime and could be put in place ten minutes from now.

A 13 year old boy in Kelso, Washington shot his 13 year old friend to death on Saturday. He told police he didn’t know the gun was loaded. Of course he didn’t. Because nearly every school in the Northwest steadfastly refuses to do gun education like “Eddie Eagle”. The NRA offers it free of charge to every school and social group in America.

It teaches kids much younger than the Kelso boy what to do if they encounter a gun, say, at a friend’s house, as happened in this case. Stop, don’t touch, leave the area, tell an adult. It’s simple, apolitical and free. When you ask the schools how to address sex, drugs, abuse, and virtually every other pitfall of growing up, they say “education”. Yet ask them about guns and their answer is “ignorance”.

And yes, the adult in the household who left a loaded gun unlocked where two curious 13 year olds could find it. That person needs a night in jail at the very least. But please tell me why we don’t demand that schools immediately begin teaching kids the first rule of guns: Treat every single one like its loaded, even if you know it’s not.



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