Lars Thoughts – Taking A Toll On Your Commute

By Lars Larson, 

Over the years, I’ve driven Interstate Five from Canada all the way to Mexico.  It’s the main north/south corridor for the West Coast of America.  And the single tightest choke point on that entire stretch is right next to Portland’s Moda Center, where it squeezes down to just two lanes.

Imagine taking a good sized garden hose and bending it in half. The water won’t flow!

Now there’s money set aside to fix it. And political activists like former city commissioner Steve Novick want to forbid the fix.  Instead, he proposes congestion pricing.

 If you want to drive on the freeway you already pay for with gas and income taxes, you have to rent that privilege from your government masters.  This screws the average worker whose boss wants her on the job at 8am.  Just the kind of political hypocrisy you should expect from our progressive elite friends in government.   


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