Lars Thoughts – Take The Log Out Of Your Own Eye Ron, Before You Remove The Speck From Another’s

By Lars Larson

Northwest U.S. Senator Ron Wyden has now joined the dogpile on Donald Trump, demanding that he resign from the Presidency. What a joke!

First, the allegations are unproved and there’s no real way to prove or disprove them. Second, voters got an earful about these allegations before they voted last year to elect the man who could make America Great again. Third, Wyden’s a man throwing rocks in a glass house, as a Senator elected to represent Oregon who lives a couple of thousand miles away in New York City.

Maybe Wyden should resign and run in the big apple. And like every Democrat Party member, Wyden has delicious double standards.

Remember Klu Klux Klan recruiter Robert Byrd: Wyden once said about the West Virginia Kleagle “Senator Byrd has always been so kind to (me) and I appreciate it”.  Wyden also served with the so called “lion of the senate”…Ted Kennedy…whose bad driving killed Mary Jo Kopechne.

Wyden never demanded their resignations, but now he’s demanding Trump Quit?      

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