Lars Thoughts: Stop Using Kids as Political Pawns

Photo: NBC / Today

By Lars Larson

Ask a teacher if she has enough time to get all the lessons in that kids need and you’re gonna hear a solid “no”.

Then ask the school administrations across the Northwest why they’re letting kids walk out of class on Wednesday.

There’s a nationwide movement where kids will leave class for a time as a protest of the murders at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school a month ago.

I think these kids are being used by their teachers and parents as political pawns. Maybe that’s okay with you because you agree with the anti-gun message.

I’m not.

Whether I agree with the protest or not, it’s morally unacceptable to use children. In this case, teachers and schools are using these kids to push a message.

You see, adults have pushed the anti-gun message for decades…but it’s not very successful because they can’t answer the logical objections those of us who favor the 2nd amendment ask.

Use kids and the rule seems to be the kids should be believed and not questioned. And tell me what parent believes parading his kids around for the TV cameras on Wednesday is a good use of school time.


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