Lars Thoughts – Shouldn’t We Recycle Our Forests?

In the Pacific Northwest, recycling rules.
Recycle your cans, your bags, your home electronics, everything it seems except a burned over forest. Congressman Greg Walden proposes that almost fifty thousand acres burned in the Eagle Creek Fire be salvage logged and quickly replanted. And get this, the ironically named “Friends of the Gorge” want those dead, burned trees left standing and they oppose salvage. Some friends. Extremist greenies want to let the trees rot and bring in the bugs and then let mother nature restore the Columbia Gorge naturally. If you want to see a good example of the difference, drive up to Mt St Helens and look at the private lands replanted 37 years ago and the beautiful forests that resulted, and then the so called natural lands next door. Drive the Santiam pass and look at all the standing dead timber from the B&B complex fire. And then consider the more than two billion board feet of timber that could have been salvaged from the biscuit fire 15 years ago. And be sure to remember, you, the American citizen, own all of that wasted and non recycled natural resources.



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