Lars Thoughts: Rule of Law in America Is Under Fire

By Lars Larson

The rule of law has been thrown out the window all over America and here in the Northwest.

Someone shouts an “F” bomb at President Trump on Capitol Hill and it turns out to be a congressman’s intern. Another harasses the Secretary of Homeland security in public and it’s a DOJ employee. The President’s press secretary is kicked out of a restaurant and then harassed by the owner as she goes to a different place.

Yesterday a man being escorted out of the Portland City Council for disruptive behavior punches a security man in the mouth …blood everywhere…and he’s not arrested. This morning, federal protective service officers in riot gear are working to clear out the pro-illegal alien protestors whose blockade has shut down the ICE offices for a week. The Mayor announces publicly he’s in favor of the ICE shut down…so he orders city police to stand down.

The rule of law only means something when those in charge will enforce it without political favor.

That’s not happening…and public safety is very much at risk. This fall, voters will make new choices and I hope they take all of this into account when they do.



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