Lars Thoughts – Why Is Ron Wyden Opposing His Own Bill?

By Lars Larson

If the tidal wave of sexual misdeeds in Hollywood creeps you out, wait till you see what Oregon’s Senior Senator defends.

Democrat Ron Wyden ranks as a bit of a faker since he represents Oregon but lives in the state of New York.  Back in the day, Wyden made his bones in politics defending the vulnerable, older Americans. So it surprised no one when Wyden wrote a bill to go after sexual trafficking of human beings, many of them children. The bill has 46-co sponsors from both parties and it’s ready to pass.

So why has Wyden now decided to oppose HIS OWN BILL? If approved the bill allows lawsuits against internet companies that advertise sexual services like “backpage”.  Wyden now says he thinks his own law would hurt internet companies and innovators and startups. Does this really have more to do with the big donations Wyden gets from the tech sector?

The Washington Free Beacon reports the New Yor…I mean Oregon Senator counts Google as his 6th biggest campaign contributor. Now the senator wouldn’t put money for his campaign ahead of protecting children from internet perverts…would he?


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