Lars Thoughts: Religious Discrimination Goes Both Ways

By Lars Larson

Today you’re hearing that yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of a Colorado baker who declined to make a gay wedding cake won’t affect a nearly identical case here in the Northwest: Sweet Cakes by Melissa.

I think those assessments are wrong.

The Supremes voted 7-2 in favor of baker Jack Phillips because he faced overt hostility toward his religion: the board that decided his case compared him to racists and Nazis. Well, Aaron and Melissa Klein also faced hostility to their religion.

Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian posted to his Facebook page that his goal was to “rehabilitate” religious folks like the Kleins: quote “everybody is entitled to their beliefs but that doesn’t mean folks have the right to discriminate”.

Well, he’s wrong.

Federal law REQUIRES employers to discriminate IN FAVOR of employees religions…in both dress and days off.

A Catholic school can hire nuns over pagans. Oregon DMV had to let a guy wear a fox hat that he claims was part of his religion. Appeals for the Kleins are pending. Meanwhile, Oregon voters don’t think much of those who discriminate against religion.

Brad Avakian, who ran for Secretary of State in a year when Hillary Clinton won all the electoral votes in Oregon…lost badly. He lost to a man of faith…Dennis Richardson.

Nuff said?



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