Lars Thoughts – Reflections on 9/11


By Lars Larson

Sixteen years have passed since the morning when we heard the report of a jet full of innocent Americans crashing into the Twin Towers. And then the second jet crash that immediately confirmed we had been attacked by Islamic terrorists.

Thousands of Americans died that day and thousands more in the years since then battling the terrorist threat faced by the whole world. We’re safer today because of the sacrifices of millions of men and women in uniform and we’re safer because we know the threat can come to our homeland.

But I worry that our governments haven’t done enough. Even here in Oregon and Washington, where they won’t secure our government ID systems, and where office holders fight efforts to secure our borders.

Today, we should all spare a moment of prayer and remembrance for those who died 16 years ago and we should remember that a failure to put up a full-throated offense against Islamic terrorism puts all of at risk.



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