Lars Thoughts – Are Some Police Officers Harming Their Reputation?

By Lars Larson

We need to trust the police.

Trust has suffered over the several years since Ferguson, largely driven by racial supremacy groups like Black Lives Matter. But sometimes police officers hurt their own reputation and trust. Case in point, a Portland police sergeant who now admits he lied to citizens about taking videos.  

Look, everyone with a smartphone which these days is just about everyone has a sophisticated camera in his pocket. When you witness the police doing their jobs, that’s usually interesting enough to video. I think these videos protect the police and the public. They confirm the officer did his job and did it right. Yet this Sergeant decided to lie about the law and tell citizens they could not shoot videos.  

When a citizen goes out in public he forfeits his privacy if someone wants to video. An officer who decides to work in a very public profession also accepts that people will watch and sometimes take pictures.  

The only officers who have to worry about cameras are those who violate the rules.



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