Lars Thoughts – Oregon Schools Suffer, But Big Paychecks Keep Rolling

By Lars Larson

When the actions of underlings displease the queen, off with their heads!

Governor Kate Brown has fired Oregon’s state school superintendent. Salam Noor only lasted a couple of years but apparently Queen Kate isn’t happy that schools didn’t improve under Noor.

Then again, Oregon schools have been failing kids for decades. A quarter of kids drop out before graduation and about half of those who don’t drop out can’t hit the minimums on state tests. Our spending on public education is about the middle for all 50 states but we have some of the biggest class sizes in America, one of the shortest school years in America.

But our teacher paychecks, averaging 60-thousand plus benefits are 13th best in America.  And no one gets fired for doing a bad job. Those teachers must love a union that delivers top paychecks and no pink slips even when you do a poor job.

Meanwhile, queen Kate has an election to win, so someone had to lose his head.



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