Lars Thoughts – It’s Not A “Mistake” When You Start A Fire

By Lars Larson:

There aren’t many words I hate but “mistake” ranks near the top of the list.

Every week someone calls the show to tell me about the crime they’ve committed, and describe it as a “mistake”. So, consider the mother of the still unnamed 15 year old who started a wildfire that put lives at risk, forced hundreds of evacuations and burned almost 75 square miles of the Columbia river Gorge. People choked on the smoke for weeks.

Police have protected this young criminal by refusing to name him and now his mother is in the news complaining about how his accused criminal status, quote, “is a trauma for him”. And what does mommy say about the arson that shut down a major freeway for weeks: “it was his mistake”.

Turning the wrong way down a street is a mistake. Throwing burning fireworks into bone brush in late summer is a crime. And when even the police and the prosecutors say they have to protect the identity of accused criminals, then how do you ever expect to get folks not to break the law.

After all, you can always just say you made a “mistake”.

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