Lars Thoughts – Your Money Will Get Wasted With Measure 101

By Lars Larson

If you haven’t cast that ballot yet in Oregon’s vote on the one-third of a billion dollars in new taxes, for goodness sake dig it out, mark it up and drop it off. Voter turnout remains low so a few extra votes could save citizens from this boondoggle.

The basics go this way: Obamacare vastly expanded Medicaid. One person in four gets health insurance entirely paid for by we taxpayers and without all those copays and deductibles that the rest of us pay. And there’s not even a requirement that those who GET IT try to get jobs. That’s criminal.

So far it has drilled a billion dollar hole in the state budget, and two years from now, its gonna take another billion. So your government masters in Salem decided to hit some Oregonians with 300-million plus in new taxes. Nike and Intel won’t pay it. Unions won’t pay it. But your hospital and your doctor and your insurance company will pay, which means YOU pay. And the money’s just dumped into the state treasury, so Salem can spend the excess any way they want.

More than enough reasons to vote NO, so dig out that ballot and cast your vote.


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