Lars Thoughts – The Media Love Affair with Kim Jong-Un’s Sister

Kim Yo-Jong
Photo Courtesy of Zuma Press

By Lars Larson

I think I understand the fakestream media’s hatred toward President Donald Trump…his brand of populism and twitter communication with Americans threatens their well-paid industry.

What’s harder to understand is the slobbering love affair reporters are having with Kim Jong-Un’s sister at the winter Olympics. You know Kim…with 100-thousand of his own people in gulags, 22 million starving…the guy with the nukes and missiles to turn Seattle or Portland into glowing radioactive slag. He sends his sister to the Olympics…where CNN awarded Kim Yo-Jong a “gold medal” for her “diplomatic dance” and “stealing the show” with a “smile and a warm message”.

The Washington Post called her the Ivanka Trump of North Korea…forgetting perhaps that Ivanka didn’t see one of her brothers order the assassination her other brother…and isn’t propaganda chief for a murderous regime. One Seattle time columnist described “mesmerizing impression with her swagger and smile and goodwill gestures”.

You kinda wonder if Hitler had had a sister, would the Daily Dead Fishwrappers of America have gushed over HER in the same way.



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