Lars Thoughts: What I Like About Trump’s Budget Proposal

Courtesy: Andrew Van Huss / CC BY-SA 4.0

By Lars Larson

Congress actually writes the budget for the United States but every President proposes his ideas for a great budget.

I don’t like the large increase in spending proposed by President Trump but there are other things in the budget that I love.

One involves privatizing major airports like Reagan National and Washington Dulles. There’s no reason to believe that a private company would not do a better job of running airports, and likely do it less expensively. I’d love to see private companies run Seatac and Portland International.

The Trump budget also proposes privatizing the Bonneville Power administration. When the government runs your utility it must pay prevailing wage, which costs more. It has no incentive to save money. Private companies do. And I can’t think of any special ability that government possesses that makes electrons flow better through the wires.

Can you imagine how much more responsive a regional northwest company would be to customers…compared to a gigantic, faceless bureaucracy answering to other faceless bureaucrats two thousand miles away in Washington DC?



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